Ep. 47 – Underdog Virginia Cavaliers, Unpredictable NBA Playoffs, LAcking Lakers

The bros discuss Virginia’s (improbable) winning of the NCAA tournament, the NBA Playoffs and what to expect (18:03), the Lakers’ problems and the disasters they have brought about (36:02), and a new segment of Kacie’s Corner (52:53).

Ep. 46 – Duke’s Exit, Great Coaching, Devin Booker’s 3-Game Tear, Nuggets’ Playoff Hope(lessness)

Brennan and James give thought to Duke’s exit as well as the remaining teams’ potential in the CBB tournament, then they discuss Kristaps Porzingis, Devin Booker’s talent and the Suns best option for their first-round pick, and the Nuggets’ playoff hopes (or, for James, hopelessness), followed by a very clean* segment of Kacie’s Corner in celebration of a certain anniversary… (49:19)

Ep. 45 – OBJ to Cleveland

Brennan and James are together at their brother Stanton’s house to discuss the Odell Beckham trade, the Raiders and Antonio Brown, and other NFL transactions, as well as miscellaneous NBA topics, including the level of difficulty in the playoffs compared to other sports. Later (49:25), Stanton joins them to answer this week Kacie’s Corner questions about pies, swallows, gorillas, and camels.

Ep. 44 – Kyler Murray and SB MVP Joe Flacco

They’re back! After a long break, Brennan and James dig into the Broncos’ acquisition of Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco, Kyler Murray and other NFL Combine standouts, Lebron James’s woes, and other topics before getting into a sandwich throwing, cupcake eating, Bill Walton-esque segment of Kacie’s Corner (38:41).

Ep. 43 – Happy Anniversary! Super Bowl LIII, AD Rumors 2.0

Happy One-Year Anniversary! The bros celebrate one year of The Sports Podcast Podcast with talk about the weird, interesting, and boring parts of Super Bowl LIII, followed by how and if Anthony Davis could be traded, including the possibility of him going to Denver or Milwaukee ( 27:29).

Ep. 42 – The Brow Wants Out, Brady Super Bowl #9, TSPP Fans Fail to Disappoint

The bros start the show covering Anthony Davis’s request for a trade as well as the current NBA MVP race headlined by James Harden, followed by talk surrounding Tom Brady’s career and a preview of Super Bowl LIII (38:34), and concluded with a fan-led segment on fixing the NFL overtime rules and a special question from THE Kacie for a round of Kacie’s Corner (55:33). 

Ep. 41 – NFL Championship Round Recap, Grizzlies, and Vegans

The bros come back strong with their thoughts on Championship Sunday in the NFL, followed by NBA talk centered around the Grizzlies’ pickle of a situation, the Trailblazers, and the Western Conference’s two best centers (24:17), capped off by a Vegan-inspired round of Kacie’s Corner (1:02:56).