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Episode 5 – GUEST: Uncle Ryan

Brennan and James bring in their uncle Ryan to be TSPP’s first guest in the show’s history. On the pod, Ryan gives the bros helpful insight while they all exchange views on LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan (3:09), what the NBA has become today (23:35), LeBron’s free agency moves (28:03), and their favorite Quentin Tarantino movies (37:25).

Episode 4 – NBA’s Best, Flying Tomatoes, and GOATS

Brennan and James give you their top five fan bases in sports (4:26), discuss the Rockets earning the league’s best record and debate possible winners of future playoff series (9:08), analyze Shaun White and Michael Phelps and their icon statuses (22:28), talk Lil Dicky and celebrity sports fans (34:01), and give their takes on upcoming movies (42:31).

Episode 3 – Sports Lent, Poop, and James’s Big Head

Brennan and James start your Lenten season off by talking about some behaviors in sports we should all give up as fans (6:12), the argument over Victor Oladipo and Russell Westbrook (16:48), the new-look Cleveland Cavaliers (24:55), the best fans in all of sports (31:30), the new Black Panther soundtrack and Khalid’s impact on an entire generation (37:51), and Paddington 2 and Peter Rabbit (42:30).

Episode 2 – Blowing it all up

Brennan and James cover several topics including: Josh McDaniel’s leaving of the Colts (3:30), James’s rant about Tom Brady losing the Super Bowl (7:20), the Cleveland Cavaliers blowing up their roster and other trade deadline deals (21:27), upcoming movies and music including the new Solo movie trailer (42:10), and The Sports Podcast Podcast’s vision (1:00:43). Hold on to your butts.

Well, Welcome

“What do we name it?” “I have no idea.” “Yeah me either.” If you’re reading this, you’re not Drake. You probably know James or myself, and if you don’t, I must say that I am astounded. Astounded and proud that our viewership has reached out from just the people that we know to others who…