Well, Welcome

landscaping“What do we name it?”

“I have no idea.”

“Yeah me either.”

If you’re reading this, you’re not Drake. You probably know James or myself, and if you don’t, I must say that I am astounded. Astounded and proud that our viewership has reached out from just the people that we know to others who heard about us from other listeners. Regardless of who you are, welcome to The Sports Podcast Podcast.

“So it’s a podcast about sports podcasts?”


“So why’d you name it that?”

Let me answer your question with more questions. Why did the Broncos draft Tim Tebow in the first round? Why did Dan Gilbert surround LeBron with nothing more than Booby Gibson and Zydrunas Ilgauskas before summer 2010? Why didn’t the Seahawks just hand it off to Marshawn? What’s a catch in the NFL? The answer to all of these questions? We have no idea. What’s more? Neither do you.

We’re in this sports world together, listeners. Each week you’ll hear us give insight on the outside world. The “escape” that humans flock to when they need a break, the place they go to when jobs and school and politics just become too much: the sports world. And not just the sports world, but the other “escapes” we as people go to that James and I can relate back to sports: music (especially rap), movies (especially Star Wars), superheroes (especially Iron Man and Batman), and more. With all these put together, we give you our own, special escape.

Welcome to the world of Brennan and James Skerjanec. Welcome, to the Sports Podcast Podcast.

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