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Episode 9 – Teenage Fever

This marvelous, magnificent, and beautifully mad March continues on Episode 9 of TSPP. Brennan and James cover the bracket leading into the sweet sixteen (5:52), Saquan Barkley’s NFL draft destination (30:30), and more hip-hop news including Lil Dicky’s “Freaky Friday” video (47:08). Wolves by 90.

Episode 8 – March Rules All

The boys are back at it again; on Episode 8 of TSPP, Brennan and James teach their audience a very important lesson: it’s all about March. The duo discusses the effects that recent NFL free agency signings have on the rest of the league, especially Case Keenum to the Broncos (6:09), their thoughts on the upcoming NCAA tournament (25:27), and the latest news in the hip-hop world (42:45). Bless up.

Episode 7 – GUEST: Stanton Skerjanec – A Star Wars Special

Let’s get rowdy; on this episode of TSPP, the oldest Skerjanec brother, Stanton, joins Brennan and James and things get DEEP. On the show, Stanton tries to predict the NBA playoffs (9:15), and drops ALL kinds of Star Wars knowledge (21:57). If you thought you knew the ways of the force before, wait until you hear this.
Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station!

Episode 6 – Big Fish and Flower Boy

Brennan and James come together in “studio” for the very first time, the night after going to a Vince Staples and Tyler, the Creator concert in Chicago. They talk possible Kirk Cousins destinations (8:11), Anthony Davis’s MVP run (23:12), and – of course – Vince Staples and Tyler, the Creator. YOU LIKE THAT. You’ll love this.