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Episode 21 – Thanks Aunt Peggy (Part 2/2)

In part two of Episode 21, Brennan and James start off by answering a pair of Kacie’s Corner questions that involve being raised by wolves as well as 80’s music’s influence on a younger generation, followed by their thoughts and reviews on the long-awaited Incredibles 2 (12:50), topped off by the boys respectively ranking  their top Pixar movies, as well as the movies that make them cry the most (22:06).

Episode 21 – Thanks Aunt Peggy (Part 1/2)

For part one of Episode 21, Brennan and James debate topics around the NBA draft and the end-of-season NBA awards. Topics include Michael Porter Jr.’s slide to the #14 selection, his future, and the Nuggets’ future (7:10), the Suns’ draft including #1 overall pick DeAndre Ayton and a bold trade for two-time NCAA Champion Mikal Bridges (17:00), the controversy surrounding Euro-superstar Luka Doncic (32:22), the ever-lasting debate over the Rookie of the Year award (39:25), and the legitimacy of current and past MVP awards (49:10).

Episode 19 – Rigged

Brennan and James dive into the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant’s recent comments, and Kobe Bryant’s criticism of LeBron James (7:20); a round of Kacie’s corner including debate around a fixed NBA (28:19); and Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s new album “Kids See Ghosts” (40:04).

TSPP Solo-Superhero Special

Brennan and James welcome in their brethren, Stanton and Liam, for a four-faced fraternity fiesta of a podcast special centered around “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and “Deadpool 2.” Get your popcorn ready.

Episode 18 – That’s My Superpower

Brennan and James give their takes on the NBA Finals through games one and two of the series (4:37), a couple questions in a segment of Kacie’s Corner (28:35), Pusha T’s new album “Daytona” as well as his beef with Drake (37:54), and Kanye’s new album “Ye” (56:22).