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Ep. 36 – Jimmy B. Gets Traded, Fighting Over Giannis, Fitzluminati

Brennan and James cover a huge week in the NBA by talking about the Jimmy Butler trade, fighting over Giannis Antetokounmpo’s skill, and discussing Kevin Durant and Draymond Green’s feud. Later, they discuss Le’Veon Bell not reporting to camp, Nathan Peterman’s situation, and the discovery of Fitzluminati (36:28), followed by a game of “Five Words to Describe Every Game in Week Eleven” (49:22). Finally, they wrap up the episode with a fun segment of Kacie’s Corner (1:08:37). 

Episode 34 – NFL 8/9, D. Rose Erupts, Warriors Explode

Brennan and James give their thoughts on NFL Week 8, followed by Brennan’s rendition of “Five Words to Describe Every Game in Week Nine,” (20:08), NBA talk over the Warriors’ recent point-scoring explosions, Derrick Rose’s 50 point game, and the Milwaukee Bucks’ success (29:50), and a Kacie’s Corner segment including the MLB, getting arrested, and Mars (47:20).

Episode 32 – NFL Week 6, 5 words, NBA Opener

Brennan and James come onto the scene guns blazing with a recap of NFL Week 6 (3:08), a revolutionary new game called “Five Words to Describe Every Game in Week Seven”(32:22), discussion over the 76ers and Bucks to go along with Philly’s season opener against the Celtics (43:29), and a couple of theories on Kobe Bryant and NBA 2K followed by a Twitter-driven game (52:33).