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Ep. 50 – The Raptors Are So Good, the NBA is Chaos Now

Time to celebrate! TSPP’s 50th episode wraps up the Raptors’ incredible journey to a Finals win, including performances of each player, a breakdown of Golden State’s dynasty (10:49), a comparison of the Raptors vs. other NBA Finals teams (23:31), and a comparison of Kawhi vs. other greats like KD (29:59). The bros then transition into the future of the NBA, including Anthony Davis (37:05), and how the Western Conference will look like next season (46:04). Finally, Brennan and James discuss tiger-sized spiders and vice versa, as well as James’s financial decisions (1:00:06).

Episode 23 – Kawhi, Tiger, Stan, and Tebow Time

Brennan and James kick back on a fine summer evening to discuss the Kawhi Leonard deal and its effects on the league (8:01), Tiger Woods’ short run at The Open and his impact on golf as a whole (27:50), the biggest ‘Stans’ in all of sports (38:29), a morbidly tasty section of Kacie’s Corner (1:12:54), and tons of fun gab in between. Trust us when we say this: You won’t want to skip through this one.