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Episode 17 – Mirrored

Brennan and James wrap up the NBA Eastern and Western Conference Finals and preview the fourth edition of Cavs-Warriors (5:20), and enjoy another round of Kacie’s Corner involving Danny Ainge, caged people, and Morgan Freeman (39:15).

Episode 16 – Basketball Sandwiches

After a long break, Brennan and James are back in their bags. On this episode of TSPP, the boys cover the Western (6:53) and Eastern (21:57) Conference Finals, a HEATED segment of Kacie’s Corner (36:29), and Avengers: Infinity War (1:01:42).

Episode 15 – Off the Rails

On the 15th episode of TSPP, Brennan and James are back at it after finally escaping the clutches of studying. During the show, they talk about the Denver Broncos’ draft picks (3:30), the NBA playoffs and LeBron James’s ownership of the Toronto Raptors (14:27), coupons and time travel in another segment of Kacie’s Corner (43:19), and Kanye tweets and Gambino beats (1:01:27).

Episode 13 – GUEST: Tramaine Franklin

Brennan’s teammate and friend Tramaine (who has a special relationship with a certain Miami Heat player) comes on the show to talk with the boys about the NBA Playoffs (5:36), the Cleveland Browns (39:25), new topics in a round of Kacie’s Corner which includes the controversy of ugly babies (42:57), and the litany of new and upcoming hip-hop releases.

Episode 12 – NBA Playoffs Preview

On Episode 12 of TSPP, Brennan and James hope to redeem their NCAA tourney picks by previewing each first-round matchup in the NBA Playoffs (6:09). They also discuss the best sports stories of the week and give their opinions on mound charging (38:42), handle another round of Kacie’s Corner (47:21), and discuss a big week in music (55:35). 

Submit your discussion topics to TSPP and Brennan and James will feature them in Kacie’s Corner on the next show!

Episode 7 – GUEST: Stanton Skerjanec – A Star Wars Special

Let’s get rowdy; on this episode of TSPP, the oldest Skerjanec brother, Stanton, joins Brennan and James and things get DEEP. On the show, Stanton tries to predict the NBA playoffs (9:15), and drops ALL kinds of Star Wars knowledge (21:57). If you thought you knew the ways of the force before, wait until you hear this.
Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station!