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Episode 15 – Off the Rails

On the 15th episode of TSPP, Brennan and James are back at it after finally escaping the clutches of studying. During the show, they talk about the Denver Broncos’ draft picks (3:30), the NBA playoffs and LeBron James’s ownership of the Toronto Raptors (14:27), coupons and time travel in another segment of Kacie’s Corner (43:19), and Kanye tweets and Gambino beats (1:01:27).

Episode 3 – Sports Lent, Poop, and James’s Big Head

Brennan and James start your Lenten season off by talking about some behaviors in sports we should all give up as fans (6:12), the argument over Victor Oladipo and Russell Westbrook (16:48), the new-look Cleveland Cavaliers (24:55), the best fans in all of sports (31:30), the new Black Panther soundtrack and Khalid’s impact on an entire generation (37:51), and Paddington 2 and Peter Rabbit (42:30).